The City of Eagan does not allow the depositing or storing of dumpsters, trailers, storage pods or landscape material in the street. These items must be placed within the property (driveway/yard). There are no exceptions.

The City of Eagan requires permits for Grading/Excavation and work in Right-of-Way, Easements or City Property. Petition forms need to be filled out for neighborhood improvement requests.

Grading & Excavation

Grading/Excavation Permit is required for work that disturbs 10,000 square feet or more in total area OR requires excavation or fill of 5 feet or more in depth. 

Grading/ excavation permits are NOT required for development activities covered under development contracts or building permits or under public improvement projects administered by the City, State, or County.

2022 Fees

If preliminary platted: less than 1 acre = $300; 1 to 5 acres = $500; 5+ acres = $700
If not preliminary platted: 0-5 acres = $300 / each additional acre over 5 = $50 ($800 maximum)
Permit renewal = $200
Financial Guarantee requirements may be required.  Grading/Excavation permits are required per Section 4.30 of City Code.

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Right-of-Way, Easements & City Property

Right-of-Way (R-O-W) is land acquired for public use, and intended to be occupied or which is occupied by a street, trail, railroad, utility lines, oil or gas pipeline, water line, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, snow storage or other similar uses.   The primary type of Right-of-Way in the City of Eagan is a street Right-of-Way which typically extends 10-15 feet behind the curb line.  A Right-of-Way Permit may be required for any excavation, landscaping or placement of object(s) within the public Right-of-Way. The only obstructions that are allowed to be in the Right-of-Way without a permit are mailboxes and street signs.

Anyone excavating must notify 'Gopher State One Call' of any proposed work by calling (651) 454-0002 or going to  The Gopher State One Call Center will notify the various utility companies so locations of underground lines can be marked.

Utility Companies - click here to be re-directed to the on-line permitting site.

Property Owners click here to open a Right-of-Way Permit form which can be printed and submitted.

Helpful Information:

2022 Fees

  • ROW excavation/installation permit = $220, includes first 1,000 Lineal Feet LF)
  • Area greater than 1,000 LF = $0.20 per foot plus minimum $10,000 one-year warranty bond or security deposit.  The security deposit will be calculated when we receive the permit form.
  • Excavation/ Installation fee (joint trench) = $90
  • Winter excavation surcharge (December 1 – March 31) = $100
  • Obstruction permit = $50
  • User Registration Fee = $40 (this is a one-time fee)
  • Private Improvement in the right-of-way (e.g. mailbox, driveway):  Residential = $20 / Commercial = $220
  • If maintenance agreement is required = $400
  • If disturbance of existing infrastructure (curb, sidewalk, catch-basin) = $220 (plus minimum of $500 security deposit for one year warranty). Security deposit will be calculated, based on the scope of the project, when we receive the permit application.

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We require a completed petition form when residents desire improvements within their neighborhood.  Once received, we will review and research the requested improvement.

Choose the type of improvement form to print, fill out, and submit to either Engineering (3830 Pilot Knob Road) or Streets (3501 Coachman Pt)



Stormwater Management Permit

Stormwater Management Permit Application



Small Cell Application/Permit

Small Cell Application/Permit