business-climate-graph18.png92% of business owners and managers rated Eagan as an excellent or good place to do business during the most recent survey.

Local businesses value Eagan as a great place to do business and feel positively about the city”s business climate, according to a survey we commissioned late last year.

Nearly 200 business owners and managers responded to the survey, done every two years. We asked their perspectives on topics, including the business and economic climate, local services, the most serious issues facing their business, and what role—if any—the City should have on them. The results provide a snapshot of the business viewpoint about community quality and government services.

Almost all respondents rated the quality of life in the City as excellent or good. This rating was higher than those submitted by businesses in other communities across the nation, according to National Research Center, Inc., a leading survey company hired to conduct this study.

When considering Eagan as a place to work, 99% of business owners and managers felt it was excellent or good while about 88% felt it was an excellent or good place to visit. About 97% of survey respondents would recommend operating a business in Eagan (also higher than the national average) and planned to keep their business here for the next five years. View full survey data at:

Eagan Rates Highly in Business Survey