Outside of Cascade Bay's regular admission hours, Cascade Bay changes to 'Cardio Bay' and water fitness is the focus.  Activities including lap swim, water aerobics and water walking are available.  The final day for Cardio Bay activities is Sunday, August 27.

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Admission to Cardio Bay Includes

  • Lap Swim:  25 yards - 6 lanes available for open swim. To make everyone’s swimming experience more enjoyable, swimmers are required to share lanes and follow the circle swim pattern. 
  • Water Walking:  Walk against the current of the lazy river to customize your workout and fitness needs. 7-8 laps per mile depending on inside to outside of river.
  • Water Aerobics:  Experienced instructors lead a variety of water aerobic classes, each with a different style and focus (dance, cardio, strength, etc.).    Water Aerobics Instructor Schedule 

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