Help Protect Our Water!

We love our water in Eagan and want to keep our lakes, wetlands, and ponds clean. You can do your part by adopting a storm drain near you. You can help prevent stormwater pollution and protect our water resources for current and future generations!

Did you know whatever enters a storm drain goes to our waterbodies, not a treatment plant? Rain or snowmelt runoff washes dirt, trash, yard waste, and other pollutants into storm drains. These drains connect to our lakes, wetlands, and ponds. Eventually, all the gunk from the gutter negatively impacts water quality and wildlife habitats.

Adopt A Storm Drain!

Our Adopt-a-Storm Drain program supports residents, groups, and businesses committed to clearing and bagging debris that collects on or around their drain(s). "Imagine if hundreds of people each cleaned a storm drain every year! How much stuff would we keep out of our lakes?” says Eric Macbeth, Eagan’s Water Resources Manager. “It probably takes 30 minutes or less, but what a combined benefit. We’re very excited about this possibility!”

Apply to Adopt-A-Storm Drain    Printable Adopt–A–Storm Drain flyer

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (651) 675-5489.

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