Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Emergency Preparedness

Tornadoes, floods, blizzards and other natural disasters can affect the City of Eagan. In addition, major disasters such as train wrecks, airplane crashes, explosions, pipeline leaks, hazardous material releases, national security and other emergencies may pose a potential threat to public health and safety in the City of Eagan.

Eagan's emergency plan is designed to ensure the protection of the public from the effects of these hazards. The plan is used to ensure the effective, coordinated use of multiple resources to mitigate an emergency situation. The purpose of the plan is to protect life and property, ensure continuity of government, sustain survivors and provide support to the City, as required.

Among the tools used for alerting citizens to potentially hazardous situations are the City's 12 outdoor warning sirens and a telephone based "Mass Notification System" messaging system. Citizens are encouraged to purchase weather radios for up to the minute warning and weather conditions.