Sunday, December 21, 2014


A lot of time, energy and resources go into making Eagan Parks & Recreation's adult leagues an enjoyable experience for everyone. Our hope is that you will have a great time playing in the recreational leagues. Along the way you may have a comment, question or concern. Please feel free to contact us by visiting the Citizen Support Center. Evaluation is an ongoing process in attempting to improve the overall program. New ideas are always welcome.

Softball is available in the summer and fall.  Summer leagues are available Sunday through Friday evenings at Northview or Lexington-Diffley Athletic Fields.  Fall leagues are available Monday through Thursday at Northview Athletic Fields.  Eagan Parks & Recreation sanctions the softball leagues through USSSA.  If you are interested in purchasing a new bat or looking to see if your bat is legal, please check out USSSA and click on Licensed Equipment - New Bat Rules.

Softball Information

Bat Announcement from USSSA for 2014
For at least 2014, League Directors of recreational only (non-competitive) USSSA Leagues may in their sole discretion allow all USSSA marked 1.20 BPF bats for such recreational only Leagues, provided such Leagues are diligent in removing from League play Worn/Abused/Damaged or Foreign Substance bats as is required by Rule 2 sec. 2.  This grandfathering of old USSSA mark 1.20 BPF bats is not required, but is allowed in the discretion of the recreational League Director.  In response to this, Eagan Parks & Recreation will allow the old USSSA mark 1.20 BPF bats during league play in 2014.