Wednesday, January 18, 2017


City of Eagan Forestry Division

One of the primary goals of the Forestry Division is to preserve, manage, and maintain the health of Eagan's urban forest. Our success in this endeavor will help to provide for a better quality of life for Eagan's present and future generations. This portion of the City of Eagan Web site was developed to provide timely information about urban forest health and tree care issues, natural resource management assistance, and other seasonal tree related topics.

Other links are provided that will connect you to a great deal of relevant tree and landscape related information. Please recheck this Web site throughout the year as related links may change with the seasons.


Storm Damage

The DNR has published information regarding how to deal with storm damage to your trees on their website and in a press release.

They have a checklist for assessing storm damage to determine if a tree can be saved, and if they can, first aid information on how to treat the trees.

Buckthorn site-visits and pick-ups

If you notice this invasive species on your property, the City can help take it off your hands. We operate a buckthorn removal assistance program for private property owners within city limits. This program typically runs from May to October. Learn more about buckthorn and the assistance program on our website or by contacting the Tree Inspector at (651) 675-5300. **The Buckthorn Control & Assistance Program has ended for the 2016 season.**

Oak Wilt "SAFE" Risk Period

The oak wilt risk status in Minnesota is currently classified as "SAFE".  This safe period indicates that there is virtually no risk that an oak can become infected with oak wilt by over-land transmission of the fungus. Therefore, it is recommended that if you need to trim your oak trees you should arrange to do it now. This safe time period typically will be in effect until next March.

For more information, visit the University of Minnesota Web page.

2016 Arbor Day Poster Contest

Congratulations to 2016’s Arbor Day Grand Prize Poster Contest Winner, Emma Matzek! Emma was a 3rd grader at Deerwood Elementary. She was recognized at Eagan’s Arbor Day event on May 14th. Winners from each school include:

  • Deerwood: Emmanuel Hardy (Grand Prize)
  • Glacier Hills: Leah Heraly
  • Northview: Avah Martineau
  • Oak Ridge: Elijah McCook
  • Pinewood: Paige Lenartz
  • Rahn: Greta Wavrunek
  • Red Pine: Tamia Wolleman
  • Thomas Lake: Kaiya Daley
  • Woodland: Fru Aborungong


Enjoy your trees!

Supervisor of Forestry