Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eagan Forward

The eight study action teams have been hard at work moving Eagan forward. Be sure to check out their updates to see what the teams are envisioning for Eagan.

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What is Eagan Forward?



What will the future of Eagan be?

What do we want the next generation—our children and grandchildren—to know about us or appreciate about the legacy we left in the community?

To answer these questions, we have launched a community visioning exercise called Eagan Forward.

Eagan Forward was initiated to create an inclusive, candid process to give Eagan an opportunity to address its challenges, engage new leaders, assess the trends impacting the region, and identify a new vision for the area’s current and future residents.

On January 28, 2016, the Eagan Forward plan, a vision for Eagan's next 20 years, was rolled out to the community.

Now, the entire community is tasked with executing on the strategies outlined in the Eagan Forward plan. Eight strategies will be lead by community Study Action Teams and City staff will take the lead on six more efforts.

Wanna get involved or have some ideas to share? Send an email to the Eagan Forward team.

Study Action Teams

Study Action Teams are groups of diverse, community volunteers and stakeholders. The teams work together for a set period of time to study specific recommendations, and suggest (or take) a course of action. The teams will keep three goals in mind as they meet:

1. Learning and understanding the technical issues at play
2. Determining where decisions are made that affect the issue at hand; and,
3. Finding the deep roots of the community’s motivation and deeply held values.

To launch Eagan Forward, the eight study action teams will help the community determine next steps and actions to make the Eagan Forward plan a reality for the following strategies:

1. Keep seniors engaged
2. Amenities for Millennials & Baby Boomers

  • The Eagan Forward Team #2 is specifically interested in the city of Eagan being bikeable and walkable for recreation, exercise as well as for transportation. Please take this brief survey on walking, running and biking in Eagan.

3. Become a welcoming community
4. Amenities for families and school-aged children
5. Eagan makerspace
6. Economic strategy for Eagan’s arts and cultural sector
7. Community art center
8. Attract new restaurants and retail

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Background on Eagan Forward

The City of Eagan has teamed with futurist and economist Rebecca Ryan of Next Generation Consulting. Having accomplished tremendous growth and progress as a community, Eagan is undertaking this effort to hear what goals and aspirations residents and business people have for our city in the decades to come. The objective is for Eagan to have a renewed vision of itself and a clear, prioritized implementation plan to achieve that vision.  To make Eagan Forward a success, we need to hear from all of our residents, business people, and stakeholders.

Over the past several months, there have been opportunities to participate in Eagan Forward. Chalkboards have been placed around town and at community events asking folks to jot down a response to the question “My Wish for the Community is…”. There were also be a series of focus groups on October 28 & 29 to hear from the public, along with many other opportunities to share feedback via social media and All of the feedback received has compiled and shared with Next Generation Consulting. Rebecca and her team also compared Eagan’s quality of life to other similar cities in Minnesota and the United States. In the end, we received the Eagan Forward plan with specific suggestions on how we can make the vision a reality.

The plan was introduced to the community at the Eagan Forward Launch Party on January 28. Missed out? Check out the video of the Launch Party and presentation slides.

Eagan Forward Steering Committee

The Eagan Forward Steering Committee is a diverse group of 10 residents who applied and were appointed by the City Council to lead the visioning effort.

At the first meeting on September 17, the committee agreed to the following operating principles:

  • Transparency—all meetings will be open to the public, agendas will be published, communication tools and conversations will be translated as needed.
  • Inclusion—under-represented community members will be invited and encouraged to participate; we will be tactically smart to connect with the right people; we will be inclusive by design; and, we will include those who work in Eagan and as well as those who live in Eagan.
  • Future-focused—we agree not to let the future scare us and we will seek to be as strong, or stronger, as a community 20 years from now as we are today.

September 17 Meeting Notes

October 29 Meeting Notes

December 15 Meeting Notes

Eagan Forward Key Dates

February 2015—contract with Next Generations Consulting approved

September 17 & 18—10-member Steering Committee Kick Off; Consultants Rebecca Ryan and Bradley Thomason interviewed 20 stakeholders in the community

September 23—Chalkboards first set up at Eagan Market Fest

October 28 & 29—Four community focus groups held

November and December—Rebecca will receive the community input, create the Eagan Forward draft plan

November 20—Last day to provide feedback

December 8—Draft Eagan Forward Plan reviewed by City Council

January 12, 2016—City Council will take action to affirm the direction/strategies of the Eagan Forward draft plan

January 28, 2016—Eagan Forward Launch Party

February 23, 2016—Study Action Team Kickoff

May 27, 2016—Study Action Team Check-in