Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Community Development

Welcome to the City of Eagan Community Development main page.

The Community Development Department is responsible for planning, reviewing and ensuring compliance of zoning requirements and adopted building codes for development activity within the City of Eagan.  Additionally, the department coordinates economic development, redevelopment and housing assistance activities.

The City's Community Development Department provides the following City Services:

  • Building permit review and inspections
  • Development application review and coordination
  • City Code enforcement
  • Redevelopment coordination
  • Economic Development and Business Assistance
  • Housing Assistance
  • GIS assistance regarding land use issues


For more information, contact Community Development at (651) 675-5660 or submit an inquiry through the Citizen Support Center.

The Community Development Annual Report is available online.

Community Development Contacts

Jill Hutmacher Jill Hutmacher Community Development Director (651) 675-5653
Mike Ridley Mike Ridley City Planner (651) 675-5650
Dale Schoeppner Dale Schoeppner Chief Building Official (651) 675-5699